Enlargement of milling range of three-sided edge

2019-11-28 Share

The high mountain cutters have added two new types of three-sided milling cutters to the most comprehensive range on the market. With 335.19 milling cutters and SNHQ blades, you have a perfect combination; the tool lives longer, has better surface quality, and also benefits the machine.

Diameter d=50~255mm, cutting light groove type suitable for all materials, slot width 4~12mm, up to 4 cutting edge, very good economy, range 0.2~6.0mm a variety of fillet radius, but also provide full arc cutting. The LNKT05 is used for 335.18 milling cutters, which can cut slots with a width of more than 8mm. It is the first choice of old machine tools and unstable clamping equipment to reduce cutting force and prolong tool life. 

Cutting light and small vibration, diameter d=32~2509mm, can choose the form of fixed blade, cutting width adjustment stable and convenient, range of 0.4~4.09mm a variety of fillet radius. High-mountain Tool company can also produce a diameter up to 1100mm of special three-sided edge milling cutter!

Please contact your Mountain High tool representative for specific information. Mountain High cutting tools to provide the most comprehensive market range of three-sided edge milling cutter. This range has been further expanded – three-sided milling cutters for sealing ring slots, offers a wide range of cutting widths ranging from 2.25 to 31mm, with a fixed or adjustable blade seat, widely used for grooving, fillet and end cutting, profiling and T-groove cutting, or for bottom grooving, There are also standard three-sided milling cutters suitable for various cutting depths.

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