How to connect the blade of the three side milling cutter with the cutter plate?

2019-11-28 Share

The interface between the blade and the cutter plate can be substituted by the bonding method of the inorganic adhesive to replace the mechanical clamping method. The original three-sided milling cutter using gear matching method, the blade and the knife plate combination, the process is complex, the manufacturing cycle is long, the cost is also high, uses the bonding method, may omit the tooth pattern processing procedure, moreover the blade and the knife Groove's coordination precision also does not need the strict control, leaves out the 0.15~0.20mm the clearance can.

However, the surface of the glued part of the blade and the groove must be as rough as possible, or artificially make some irregular small grooves to increase the bonding strength. When used in large quantities, the casting cutter can be used. Grinding inside hole, machining keyway and two flange end face can. Rough treatment of the glued surface of the portal piece, the knife groove can not be coarse, it can use the rough surface of the casting itself, can be bonded.

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