The difference between pressure-sensitive gasket and aluminum FOIL GASKET

2019-11-28 Share

1, pressure-sensitive gasket is the most widely used in the world at the mouth of the bottle sealing materials. Because it belongs to the pressure seal type material, the operation is simple, the price is low. Pressure-sensitive gaskets are coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive PS foam Gasket, generally referred to as the "pressure gasket." For single chip, no aluminum foil, at room temperature under the pressure of CAP lock to provide sealing function. Applicable to glass bottles, metal bottles, plastic bottles (in the bottle for the solid area of dry food or drugs, the best effect).

This product is not limited to the above application scope, the customer may according to the need, self test decides its suitable occasion. ◇ Advantages: Can be used in glass bottles and various plastic bottles. No additional equipment is required when used (aluminum foil composites must use high-frequency induction heating equipment). It has simple process, low price, easy to use and good sealing performance. 

Its non-toxic, tasteless characteristics applicable to medicine, food and cosmetics and certain chemical products sealed packaging. ◇ Use method: The user only needs the specification, the size (according to the bottle to decide) tells the factory, the factory will supply according to its need. When used, the user simply put the pressure-sensitive gasket seal into the bottom of the cap (the side of the word toward the bottom of the CAP), and then tighten the cap can be.After 120 minutes or so, when the cap is removed, the pressure-sensitive gasket has been tightly pasted on the bottle, to achieve the purpose of sealing. 

2, electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing gasket is made of cardboard, aluminum foil, adhesives, sealing film and other components, with electromagnetic induction sealing machine through the way of heating: placed in the sensor, through electromagnetic induction instantaneous generation of high fever, induction heating pad paper separation, aluminum foil sealing layer and bottle seal, to achieve sealed moisture-proof and leakage effect, In addition, it also has security and anti-theft nature.

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