A detailed introduction of metal wound gasket

2019-11-28 Share

Metal wound gasket is a kind of sealing gasket which is widely used at present. The best gasket for the back elasticity of the semi metal dense mat, which is formed by alternating between V-shaped or W-shaped thin steel strip and various fillers, can withstand high temperature, high pressure and adapt to the conditions under ultra-low temperatures or vacuum, and by changing the gasket material combination.

It can solve the chemical corrosion problem of various media to gasket, the structure density can be made according to different locking force requirements, in order to strengthen the main body and accurate positioning, the wound gasket is provided with a metal inner strengthening ring and an external locating ring, and the internal and external steel ring is used to control its maximum compactness, and the surface precision of the flange sealing surface is not high. Metal wound Gaskets in the design of flange pads for easy installation, according to the size of the gasket diameter, 2~8 a positioning belt on the outside of the gasket, so that the positioning belt buckle on the flange hole, to prevent the installation of gasket displacement or fall off, is currently mainly used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electricity, shipbuilding, machinery and other industries pipelines, valves, pressure vessels, Condenser, heat exchanger, tower, manhole, hand hole, such as flange junction seal.

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