Technological Innovation Of Cross Strait Representatives: Developing Precision Manufacturing Industry Vigorously

2019-11-28 Share

 Beijing, Hangzhou, September 18 (Qian Chenfei) 17, 2019 Zhejiang Taiwan cooperation week opened in Hangzhou. In its sub activity, cross strait (Zhejiang and Taiwan) science and technology innovation cooperation and docking activities, hundreds of representatives of science and technology circles and industry circles talked about science and technology innovation, and proposed that we should vigorously develop precision manufacturing industry and seek new opportunities for cross strait cooperation.

   Fu Jianzhong, a professor in the Department of machinery of Zhejiang University, said that the mainland is vigorously developing precision manufacturing technology. "I suggest that we take the lead in forming a complete industrial chain, industrial cluster and product system from servo motor to CNC machine tool in the mainland, and build a perfect innovation system. On the basis of breaking through some key components, we should pay attention to the integrated innovation of the whole machine, and realize it from design, manufacturing, testing and other aspects. Linkage development: promote the "specialization" of CNC machine tools for Zhejiang characteristic industrial clusters, create the unique advantages of specialized and special CNC equipment design and manufacturing, and cultivate the "invisible champion" of CNC machine tool industry. "

   Zhang Kequn, director of Wuhan University economics and Management Institute, put forward that intelligent tool machines should be developed to cut into high-end manufacturing industry from the perspective of labor cost surge. "Precision machinery and equipment is the most important element in manufacturing industry, and tool machine industry is the most representative industry in precision machinery and equipment. In the face of the high cost of training workers and the increasing turnover rate in the manufacturing industry, we should promote the evolution of tool machines and peripheral components for different goals, and enhance the competitiveness of production equipment by engineering intensively. "

    Lin Jiamu, founder of Taiwan Xiangmu Development Co., Ltd., also put forward the plan of developing intelligent manufacturing of tool machine industry, which pointed out that the technology application center should be established in the early stage to provide value-added services for products; the design and manufacturing simulation technology should be established in the middle stage to improve the reliability of products; in the long-term development, integrated solutions should be provided to deepen user loyalty.

   It is reported that since the first Zhejiang Taiwan Cooperation Week was held in 2013, its popularity and influence have been increasing, and it has become an important platform for cross strait exchanges and cooperation.

   "People on both sides of the Straits share the same blood and culture, and have complementary conditions in terms of economy, science and technology." Geng Yun, a professor at Taiwan University of science and technology, said that technological innovation is the driving force of production and development and the source of creating value chains. Both sides should enhance the atmosphere of mutual trust and consensus, share opportunities and integrate development.

   Cao Xin'an, deputy director of Zhejiang science and Technology Department, said that "innovation and entrepreneurship" has gradually become a new highlight in the economic and trade industry cooperation between Zhejiang and Taiwan. "We hope that with the help of the platform of Zhejiang Taiwan cooperation week, the two sides can fully understand each other's science and technology industry development foundation, innovation driven development effectiveness, science and technology exchange and cooperation needs, and jointly promote cross strait practical cooperation in science and technology and industry."

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