The Operation Steps Of Machining The Fine Hole With Carbide Round Bar

2019-11-28 Share

 When machining some high precision holes on mechanical parts, the reaming can be replaced by the carbide round bar drilling. When processing non-standard precision holes, it is easy to operate and can adapt to the processing of different metal materials. The reaming of alloy round bar drill is a kind of finishing hole operation, which is based on the existing holes and then processed by the reaming of the modified and ground bit.

   Use a bit that is relatively new or whose dimensional accuracy of each part is close to the tolerance requirements. Because the drill bit will wear after being used for many times, it will affect the hole diameter accuracy. The two cutting edges of the bit shall be grinded symmetrically as much as possible, and the axial runout of the two edges shall be controlled within 0.05mm, so that the load of the two edges is even, so as to enhance the cutting stability. The radial runout of the bit shall be less than 0.003mm. Pre drilling can not produce more cold hard layer, otherwise it will increase drilling load and wear fine hole cemented carbide round bar.

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