Features And Selection Of Indexable Insert Bits

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Features and selection of indexable insert bits

The indexable insert bit, also known as shallow hole drill or U drill, is an efficient drilling tool for machining holes with a hole depth of less than 3 times. It has been widely used in various CNC machine tools, machining centers and turret lathes in recent years. on. The drill bit is usually asymmetrically mounted with two indexable inserts to form the inner and outer edges, which are processed inside the hole (including the center) and the outside of the hole (including the hole wall), as shown in the following table. When the hole diameter is large, multiple blades can be installed.

1. Product classification The indexable insert bit can be classified according to the shape of the blade, the shape of the flute, the structure, and the processing characteristics.

(1) According to the shape of the blade, it can be divided into a quadrangle, a convex triangle, a diamond, a hexagon, and the like.

(2) According to the common cutter flute, it can be divided into two types: straight groove and spiral groove.

(3) According to the form of the drill handle, it can be divided into two types: cylindrical handle and Morse taper bit.

(4) According to the structure, it can be divided into three types: integral type, modular type and cutter head and cutter body separate type drill.

2, product features

(1) Suitable for high speed cutting. When machining steel, the cutting speed Vc is 80 - 120m / min; when coating the blade, the cutting speed Vc is 150-300m / min, the production efficiency is 7-12 times of the standard twist drill.

(2) High processing quality. The surface roughness value can reach Ra=3.2 - 6.3 um.

(3) The blade can be indexed to save auxiliary time.

(4) Good chip breaking. The chip breaking table is used for chip breaking, and the chip discharging performance is good.

(5) The internal cooling structure is adopted inside the drill shank, and the life of the drill blade is higher.

(6) It can be used not only for drilling but also for boring and boring. In some cases, it can also be used as a turning tool.

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