How To Choose Diamond Tool, PCD Tool And CBN Tool For Machining Products

2019-11-28 Share

PCD tool advantages:

PCD tool has the advantages of long tool life and high metal removal rate, but it has the disadvantages of high price and high processing cost. Nowadays, the performance of aluminum materials is not the same as before. When processing various newly developed aluminum alloy materials, in order to achieve the optimization of productivity and processing quality, PCD tool brand and geometric parameters must be carefully selected to adapt to different processing requirements. Another change of PCD tools is the continuous reduction of processing cost. Under the combined effect of market competition pressure and tool manufacturing process improvement, the price of PCD tools has dropped by more than 50%. These trends lead to the increasing application of PCD tools in aluminum material processing, and the applicability of PCD tools is restricted by different materials.

CBN tool advantages:

It can greatly reduce the number of tool changes and tool wear, compensate the time spent in adjusting the machine, make the efficiency of CNC machine tool more fully play, so that it can carry out the turning after quenching on a CNC machine tool (replacing grinding with turning), and can be used for repeated grinding.

Diamond cutter advantages:

Hardness - 600000000mpa depends on crystal direction and temperature

Bending strength - 210490mpa

Compressive strength - 15002500mpa

Modulus of elasticity - 910.51012 MPa

Thermal conductivity - 8.416.7j/cms ℃

Mass heat capacity - 0.156j/g ℃) normal temperature)

Starting oxidation temperature - 9001000k

Starting graphitization temperature - 1800K in inert gas)

Friction coefficient between aluminum alloy and brass - 0.050.07 at room temperature)

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