Zhuzhou Supports The Chain Development Of Cemented Carbide Industry

2019-11-28 Share

On July 6, the Fourth Congress and the first Council of cemented carbide branch of China Tungsten Industry Association were held in Zhuzhou.

  Cemented carbide, known as "industrial teeth", is a basic industry and a pillar of tungsten industry.According to the statistics provided by 48 Enterprises of China Tungsten Industry Association Cemented Carbide Branch, the total production of cemented carbide in 2018 was 33,327 tons, an increase of 14.3% over the same period of last year. Among them, the total output of 8 enterprises in the plant reached 10,095 tons.In 2018, Zhuzhou has three of the top ten cemented carbide production enterprises in China.

  At present, the cemented carbide enterprises in our city are all private enterprises except Zhuzhou Hard Group. In 2018, the city's cemented carbide industry and its upstream and downstream business revenue exceeded 15 billion yuan, which has developed into a major pillar of Zhuzhou's economy.

  He Chaohui, vice mayor of Zhuzhou, said that Zhuzhou is now vigorously implementing the innovation-driven strategy, focusing on building the "3+5+2" industrial system and striving to build China's power valley, among which the new material industry represented by cemented carbide is an important part. Our city will support the industrial chain to become bigger and stronger with policies such as fund support, help enterprises to participate in international competition, and welcome more entrepreneurs to come to pass on their business and invest in business.

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