China's CNC Tool Economic Development Situation Is Severe

2019-11-28 Share

If China's machine tool tools are to be healthy and sustainable, it is necessary to change the development mode and improve the manufacturing level. This is in line with the requirements of the Party Central Committee regarding the way we want to change the way of development during the 12th Five-Year Plan, that is, we must move from heavy, low-value, high-consumption manufacturing to heavy-duty, high-value-added, green manufacturing. industry.

China's metal cutting tool consumption has generally continued its growth trend in 2010, with an increase in the total amount. According to estimates, China's tool consumption in 2011 was about 39 billion yuan, an increase of about 13% over 2010; the domestic tool consumption was about 27 billion yuan, less than 4% increase from 2010; and the consumption of imported tools It is about 12 billion yuan, an increase of about 25% over 2010.

CNC tool is a tool for machining in mechanical manufacturing. After years of development, China's CNC tool industry has gradually matured, not only rich in variety and complete in specifications, but also greatly satisfied the market demand of the mold manufacturing industry. Due to the economic downturn, many business owners are trying to save costs and increase productivity. Dongguan grinding equipment, so I have a special liking for long-life, and affordable CNC tools. There are many types and specifications of CNC tools, such as milling cutters, boring tools, reamers, drills, turning tools and broaches. They are widely used in high-hardness and high-strength cutting industries, such as fine machining technology, automotive, energy, motorcycle industry, automotive and electronic information technology.

This year's economic situation is grim, and it has a little impact on the CNC tool industry, but the demand for enterprises is still stable. However, more and more companies have put more stringent requirements on the accuracy of CNC tools. In fact, customers choose tools, in addition to value whether it can complete the processing quality, more emphasis on how to reduce the cost of the workpiece and achieve higher product profits. The service consciousness of the tool enterprise should shift from the tool itself to the entire value chain of the workpiece to minimize the production cost of the customer. For the customer, the first concern when purchasing CNC tools is quality, then price, so the CNC tool industry should do better in terms of versatility, stability and precision.

     Many CNC tools imported from Japan, the United States, Switzerland, South Korea, etc. have a novel blade shape, a small blade size, a small cutting lead angle and a new clamping structure, which are very popular among many companies. In addition, various combined and special CNC tools are also important processing tools in the automotive, mold and other industries. Its biggest feature is that it can complete multiple machining in one setup, so it shows extraordinary effect in tool management and tool cost reduction.

Many CNC tool dealers are also clearly aware that in the current CNC tool market, domestic CNC tools have weak independent research and development capabilities. Most of the manufacturers are mainly imitation and reverse research. This kind of development has led to the complete dependence on the developed countries in technology, losing the dominant position of development, and always following behind others. Regardless of whether it is a seller or a manufacturer, it must fully recognize this point, continuously lay a solid foundation in development, enhance the ability of independent development, position the market, and increase the possession of high-end products. This is also the main task and trend of the future development of the domestic tool and die industry.

    The demand for tooling in the world is growing. Among them, Europe and North America have stable growth, especially in Eastern European countries. The Asian market has rebounded slightly, the market potential is very large, and the Latin American market has grown significantly, especially in Mexico. In terms of technical updates, carbide tools have gradually replaced high-speed steel tools, especially round tools. The application of coated tools is becoming more and more common, and in Europe, the market share of new tools for high-speed machining is growing. The dynamics of the manufacturer. Judging from the cooperation mode of tool manufacturers, there will be many strong companies in the high-tech market.

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