Carbide non-standard tool

2019-11-28 Share

T-slot milling cutter, "Carbide non-standard tool": It uses high-speed steel and hard alloy to process general easy-cutting metal (HRC30 or below), and can be made of high-speed steel.

If the material to be processed is high in hardness or difficult to cut, it is best to use cemented carbide. T-slot milling cutters with hard alloys are also available in both integral and welded, with high machining requirements and high precision requirements for smooth milling of workpieces on hardened steel. Improve the product finish, the overall carbide tool can meet the requirements.


It is mainly used for processing T-shaped grooves. It is suitable for processing all kinds of metals such as cast iron, non-ferrous alloy, chilled cast iron, hard steel and stainless steel. Ultrafine solid carbide, long life, high wear resistance and high toughness.

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