Application of cutting graphics for oil pipe thread blades

2019-11-28 Share

How to design the cutting figure of each tooth structure and the distribution of the cutting load of each tooth is very important for improving and progressing the quality, efficiency and tool life of the screw thread. 

Single-toothed blades (such as drill pipe joint blades) are designed with different feeding and eating knives to determine the cutting pattern of each cutting stroke, rather than the tooth profile of the cutter.

1. The case of Yucheng thread cutting at the end of a pass stroke: When the machine tool power and rigidity is big enough, take one stroke finish Yucheng thread cutting scheme as the best plan, namely can obviously progress the efficiency, but also can the most reasonable design cutting figure, the progress thread blade life. It must be noted that whether it is a knife stroke or a number of stroke Yucheng thread cutting thread blade, the last of the precision car teeth that is to ensure the accuracy of the tooth shape, must cover the full thread tooth shape and in all parts contain reasonable cutting allowance.(two tooth side is 0.07-0.12mm, tooth bottom tooth top is 0.10-0.20mm)

2. The case of Yucheng thread cutting after multiple passes: In the case of the power and rigidity of the tow-wire machine can not meet the Yucheng thread cutting with a pass stroke, only multiple passes can be completed. At this time, the first stroke should be cut off the main margin, (especially for more than 3 teeth above the blade), so the thread blade cutting graphic design with the first trip allocation as the basis. The subsequent stroke for each coarse gear, cutting volume is smaller.

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