What Is The Role Of CNC Tools? Development Of CNC Tool Industry

2019-11-28 Share

CNC tool is a tool for cutting in mechanical manufacturing, also known as cutting tool. Generalized cutting tools include not only tools, but also abrasives. At the same time, "numerical control tools" include not only cutting blades, but also tool rods and tool shanks and other accessories.

  According to the analysis of "China CNC Tool Industry Deep Investigation and Investment Risk Prediction Report 2019-2025" issued by China Research Institute of Industry, the total scale of China's cutting tool industry has been stable since 2012 after the rapid development from 2006 to 2011, and the market scale of cutting tools fluctuates around 33 billion yuan. According to the statistics of tool branch of China Machine Tool and Tool Industry Association, the total consumption scale of China's tool market increased by 3% in 2016, reaching 32.15 billion yuan. In 2017, with the 13th Five-Year Plan, the manufacturing industry steadily advanced to the advanced areas, and the total consumption scale of China's tool market continued to rise substantially. Total consumption increased by 20.7% to 38.8 billion yuan from the same period last year. In 2018, the total consumption of China's tool market was about 40.5 billion yuan. The main challenges facing domestic tool enterprises have not changed fundamentally, that is, "the supply and service capabilities of modern high-efficiency tools and precision measuring instruments urgently needed for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry are still insufficient, and the phenomenon of excess capacity of low-end standard measuring tools has not been completely reversed". The industrial structure has been adjusted and the high-end market has been seized. The task still has a long way to go.

  It can also be seen from the data that in 2017, the domestic tool consumption of 38.8 billion yuan was 13.9 billion yuan, accounting for 35.82%. That is to say, more than one third of the domestic market was occupied by foreign enterprises, and most of them were high-end tools badly needed by manufacturing industry. High-end tool import substitution will continue to accelerate in trade conflicts. High-end tools such as aerospace tools are still mainly occupied by foreign manufacturers, such as Sweden, Israel, the United States and so on. In the field of aerospace, as a high-end consumables, the failure to localize cutting tools will cause strategic risks to national security. ZTE has sounded the alarm bell. In recent two years, with the technological progress, the market share of domestic cutting tools in some areas such as aircraft has gradually increased, but in key areas such as aero-engine, more than 90% of them use imported cutting tools, and the proportion of domestic cutting tools is still very small. However, we believe that China is now facing the restraint of the trade war initiated by the United States, and will concentrate more on R&D of domestic products in the future, and import substitution will continue to accelerate.

  China's machine tool industry is developing in the direction of high speed, precision, intelligence and compound. However, the production technology and overall level of the tool manufacturing industry, as a supporting support, are relatively backward, which restricts the process of China's transformation to a world manufacturing power. With the sharp rise of labor costs and the continuous increase of raw materials prices, there will be a huge space for the development of high-speed, high-efficiency and precision cutting tools in China in the next 5-10 years. It is necessary to conduct long-term and in-depth research on advanced manufacturing technology and cutting tool technology in order to improve the production efficiency, product accuracy and added value of China's manufacturing industry. Therefore, in the future, domestic tool enterprises will face the new situation, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, and increase their share in the high-end market.

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